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Hello, I am Parveen Chaudhary

Hello, I am
Parveen Chaudhary

I have taken the real GMAT 5 times, and I teach both Quant and Verbal for GMAT. My office is in South Delhi. I have been teaching GMAT since the last 9 years to students from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and in fact from the whole NCR region. I also take online GMAT classes via Skype across the globe. I have taught more than 400 students in person (one on one class) and more than thousand students in group classes.
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I applied only to Indian B-Schools and was finally selected to several of them:

1) ISB 1 year full time program (PGP) (Academic Session 2011-12)

2) IIMC 1 year full time program (PGPEX) (Academic Session 2011-12), and

3) XLRI 1 year full time program (GMP) (Academic Session 2010-11)

You can view my selection letters below. Because of my love for teaching, and particularly GMAT, I shunned my B-School selections and decided to teach GMAT for the rest of my life.

Please note that all these selection letters have been signed by the program directors/chairpersons of the respective B-Schools. If even one of them is fake, needless to say I will be behind bars.

1) Selection Letter of ISB 1 year full time program (PGP) has been signed by A. M. Kannan, Director Admissions and Finance Head, ISB.
2) Selection letter of IIMC 1 year full time program (PGPEX) has been signed by Professor C. Panduranga Bhatta, Chairperson PGPEX.
3) Selection letter of XLRI 1 year full time program (GMP) has been signed by Rajeev Sharma, Chairperson Admissions.

Number of Students Taught

Years of GMAT Teaching Experience

Class Room Hours

Average GMAT Score Obtained by Students

My GMAT Scores

Some GMAT tutors make tall claims about their GMAT scores: some claim 770 and some 780. Most of the GMAT tutors in Delhi have never taken the real GMAT or have created fake GMAT score reports using PDF editors to impress students.

No private GMAT tutor in Delhi has a GMAT score of 760 or above. If your private GMAT tutor is from Delhi and claims a GMAT score of 760 or above, you just need to share with me his official GMAT score card link along with his date of birth as a proof of his GMAT score. I promise to pay rupees 1 lakh each to you and your teacher. 

Note: Every time a person takes the GMAT an official web link (to his GMAT score report) is provided on his mail by mba.com. Anybody sitting anywhere in the world can access the GMAT score report of a GMAT test taker by clicking on this link (which is unique for every test taker) and then by entering the date of birth of the test taker. Those who have already even once taken the GMAT know what I am talking.

Those students who do not understand what an official GMAT web link to a GMAT score card means please google this up. You will understand what I mean.

As an illustration, I am producing below the GMAT score link of my student Anupriya, who joined me at 620 and scored a 760 after my classes.

Official GMAT Score Link
Please enter the date of birth 01 December 1985.

Note: This official GMAT web link is valid for 5 years from the date a student takes his GMAT exam. After 5 years, this official GMAT web link expires.

When a female student of mine can share her official GMAT Score link along with her date of birth with the whole world, there is no reason why any GMAT teacher will have any reservations in sharing his GMAT Score link along with his date of birth-all the more when the teacher is getting 1 lakh of rupees for doing so.

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Sample Of a Fake GMAT Report

I have compiled the following more than 50 testimonials of my students who have studied from me and have scored above 700. I have also given a LinkedIn reference below every testimonial so that one can verify the genuineness of each testimonial by contacting the respective student. Most of these students have also recommended me on LinkedIn. For more than 100 testimonials, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

Baldev Chopra

Score: 580 to 700

Gita Bansal

Score: 700 to 730

Deepti W

Score: 520 to 710

Manish Kumar

Score: 540 to 740

Ishan Saran

Score: 680 to 730

Puneet Seth

Score: 550 to 720

Siddharth Deshwal

Score: 540 to 720

Tanya Bansal

Score: 700 to 750

Radhika Vasudeo

Score: 620 to 710

Manu Sexena

Score: 530 to 750

Anupriya Jatin

Score: 620 to 760

Pranjal Kunwar

Score: 680 to 760

Shamsheer Singh

Score: 590 to 710

Gaurav Shekhawat

Score: 700 to 730

Pooja Kumar

Score: 700+

Kush Verma

Score: 580 to 720

Sahil Khullar

Score: 680 to 740

Vishal Varshney

Score: 660 to 760

Jitendra Kukreja

Score: 750

Sabhya Sachi Kar

Score: 590 to 720

Raghav Sharma

Score: 690 to 770

Akshay Chaturvedi

Score: 710

Jaikaran Singh

Score: 710

Ankit Vohra

Score: 550 to 730

Aditya Agrawal

Score: 660 to 780

Amogh Sachdev

Score: 720

Tushar Gupta

Score: 660 to 730

Akanksha Tandon

Score: 720

Nitin Khanna

Score: 540 to 720

Ashish Agarwal

Score: 620 to 720

Ajay Dalal

Score: 550 to 720

Guntej Singh

Score: 580 to 720

Tanu Kalra

Score: 720

Digvijay Singh Shekhawat

Score: 720

Puneet Jain

Score: 710

Anupam Baliyan

Score: 520 to 700

Gurbinder Singh

Score: 710

Sumit Shrivastava

Score: 710

Hitesh Sakkerwal

Score: 720

Amar choudhary

Score: 700

Ridhima Gupta

Score: 710

Arvind Venugopal Nair

Score: 720

Saurabh Thaman

Score: 720

Raja Parkrashi

Score: 700

Prashant Saxena

Score: 720

Pinak Dattaray

Score: 770

Himanshu Agarwal

Score: 720

Karandeep Singh

Score: 730

Vikas Binani

Score: 720

Ashish Deep Singh

Score: 730

Chaitnya Garg

Score: 720

Prerna Gupta

Score: 720

Ankit Saxena

Score: 740

Archit Chenoy

Score: 550 to 730

Pramod Nair

Score: 560 to 740

Ninisa Bajpaie

Score: 700+

Aman Deshwal

Score: 640 to 720


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