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Real GMAT scores v/s Mock scores

Jun 27, 2018 | Blog

Why is there such a huge difference between the mock scores and the real GMAT scores in so many cases? Very many students report that their real GMAT scores were more than 100 points lower than their GMAT mock scores.

There are several reasons why the real GMAT scores do not match the GMAT mock scores:

1) Many times GMAT mocks show inflated scores since many of the questions that appear in the mocks have been already done by candidates or are of very similar types.

2) Poor time management on the real exam may lead to an unexpected low score. Not sticking to time lines on the exam and spending too much time on questions are the major reasons, which stem from the greed to score high.

3) Questions asked on the real GMAT are of a higher level. Students feel that what they have prepared and what they are facing on the real exam are 2 different levels: a sign of under preparedness.

4) Many times GMAT tests new concepts on the real exam that are not covered in any Official or Prep material. Students are just not ready for such questions.

5) Stress and the pressure to perform are also responsible for a low GMAT score. This may lead to a lack of sleep just before the exam and underperformance on the real exam.

6) The continuous evolving of the GMAT exam over the years and a failure of the prep material and mocks to keep pace with the new trends is also an important reason for low GMAT scores.

7) The GMAT centre, an alien environment that looks formal and sometimes hostile, may also contribute to a low GMAT score.

Parveen Chaudhary