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About Me

I was a civil servant for 10 years. In 2007, I resigned from my government job. In 2008, I took the GMAT exam and scored a 740. Subsequently, in the following years, I took the GMAT exam 4 more times and always managed a handsome score. My average GMAT score of my 5 GMAT attempts is 732. I was selected to ISB, IIM-C, and XLRI but decided to drop the offers because of my love and passion for teaching. In fact my whole purpose of resigning from the Civil Services was to pursue a career in teaching. I taught GMAT at Career Launcher from 2010 to 2012 and then at Veritas form 2012 to 2015. I was Head Academics for both GMAT Verbal and GMAT Quant at Career Launcher and Veritas. All along from April 2009, I have been taking one on one GMAT classes of students from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and in fact the whole of NCR. I have also been taking online GMAT Verbal and GMAT Quant classes across the globe via skype.

I live in South Delhi and conduct my classes from South Delhi. Every class is of 2-hour duration. I take classes throughout the week. I teach only GMAT. Since I teach both GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal, a student can approach me for either both the subjects or just one. I teach from my own notes, which I made during my preparation for GMAT and which have been revised many times during the last several years of GMAT teaching. I think my teaching methodology and my GMAT notes are the 2 major reasons that explain why most of my students have scored above 700 on the GMAT.

Amongst all the GMAT tutors in Delhi, I have the highest GMAT score on the real test: I scored a 750 on the GMAT in 2009. I understand that many of my contemporary teachers claim a GMAT score of 770 and 780. I can only pity them. Some of them have even created fake mark sheets (using PDF editors) to prove their scores: maybe they want to entice innocent students. I have already promised on my home page (of this website) that I will pay 1 lakh to any GMAT teacher in Delhi who has scored 760 or above and who is ready to show his GMAT score card with the help of the official GMAT web link. I have also explained on my home page what an official GMAT web link means.