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Why should a student think of me as the first choice for GMAT tutoring?

1) Unlike most other teachers, I teach GMAT and only GMAT.

2) I have been teaching GMAT for the last 9 years now; hence nobody knows GMAT better than me in Delhi and NCR region.

3) I am a GMAT tutor by choice and out of my passion for teaching. Unlike other GMAT tutors, who have resorted to GMAT teaching because they did not have other options, I shunned as many as 3 top B-School selections, including one IIM, and decided to teach GMAT.

4) I have myself taken the real GMAT 5 times and have an average GMAT score of 732 on the test.

5) Though some private GMAT tutors claim a GMAT score of 770 or 780, none of them has that score actually. All of them are relying on fake mark sheets, made using PDF editor, to entice students.

6) Every second student of mine has a score of 700 or above on the real GMAT. This fact is reflected in the more than 100 LinkedIn recommendations I have.

7) Besides fresh students, students who have already taken GMAT multiple times and have taken GMAT classes from several other coaching institutes come to me. Making such students jump from a score below 500 to a score above 700 has been a regular practice with me.