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The Indian average GMAT Score

Jan 11, 2018 | Blog

Not many will believe that the Indian average GMAT score is less than 580. The world average GMAT score is around 550. Shocking! All of us are dreaming of a 700 plus. A 700 on the GMAT is a 90 percentile: out of 10 students who take the exam only 1 gets a 700 or above. I am not here to scare you. I just want to tell you that do not get carried away by those rosy stories and advertisements that claim a 760 in a month or two. A student needs to plan his GMAT test well in advance and should not fall for short cuts. In fact there are no shortcuts to success.

Students approach me from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and, in fact, the whole of NCR with unrealistic targets. While some want a jump from 550 to 720 in 2 to 3 months, others want to go on a roller coaster ride and finish the whole GMAT course in a month. The latter category of students does not forget to tell me that they have taken a leave for a month and that they can give all their time to GMAT during the month.

Such students, when they face the real exam, come up with unbelievably low scores. Some attribute their low scores to a bad day, others give equally nonsense reasons, and still others decide to forget GMAT and concentrate somewhere else.

To achieve a good GMAT score, we need to give our time and our energy. We need to work whole heartedly, with realistic deadlines. We should start from the basics. At the end, we must not underestimate the GMAT just because we frequently read debriefs of students on GMAT forums who claim to have scored a 700+ in a month or two, or we know somebody who claims to have scored a 700+ in an equally short period of time. All such stories and claims may be mere lies or advertisements by big GMAT coaching institutes who pretend to be students on such GMAT forums.

Parveen Chaudhary

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