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How to score above 700 on the GMAT?

Jan 24, 2018 | Blog

1) Start your GMAT preparation early. Earlier you start better it is. Do not wait for B-school deadlines. A student must ideally start his GMAT preparation 6 to 8 months before the exam. Best time is January of every year. A planned starting point will make you meet the first round of deadlines for all B-schools and also leave you with sufficient time if the need for a second GMAT attempt arises.

2) Buy the latest Official Guides for GMAT. Some students make the mistake of buying the main Official Guide only. A student must purchase all the 3 Official Guides: GMAT Official Guide (Main Book), GMAT Verbal review, and GMAT Quant Review. A student must also buy Manhattan verbal foundation and Manhattan Sentence correction guide. If you are week in GMAT Quant join some good online GMAT Quant course. Do some googling to decide which online course will suit you better. Keep away from third party GMAT books and course material, particularly in GMAT Verbal.

3) Study regularly. Number of hours studied in a day is not important, regularly studying is. Try to study in the morning when the mind is fresh and away from the work and politics in your office. Besides studying in morning has an additional advantage, you seldom miss a day when you do not study: nobody is awake, everything is closed so you cannot go out anywhere, and there are no friends/colleagues around. In morning, you also enjoy pin drop silence.

4) Revision is a big problem especially for working professionals. They tend to forget whatever they have studied over the past weeks/months. The solution is continuous revision. Revise on weekends whatever you have studied during the week. Revise on the last day of every month whatever you have done during the month: you can even take a one day leave in the last week of every month for revision. You must alsorevise every day: early morning, dedicate half an hour to revise whatever you studied the day before.

5) For GMAT, study in a balanced manner. You cannot study one subject at the cost of the other. Thus study both GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal together. If you do not have much time in a day because of your office or other engagements, study GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal on alternative days. Both the subjects must be touched upon every week. If you are strong in GMAT Quant and weak in GMAT Verbal, than you can give more time to GMAT Verbal but still be in regular touch with GMAT Quant.

6) There are several GMAT coaching institutes everywhere. Keep away from them. First give a serious GMATattempt yourself -most probably you should be done. If you still fail, only then think of taking GMAT coaching. Besides there are several GMAT tutors in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. You can take their services too, thoughI will always recommend self-preparation: what you can do for yourself, nobody else can do for you. Coaching institutes and GMAT private tutors must be your last resort and not the first. For working professionals online GMAT courses may prove beneficial: they can take these courses, sitting at home and at their own leisure.

7) A word on GMAT mock tests. Anybody having even a little knowledge about GMAT knows that GMATPREP mocks are the best, and unfortunately other mocks are not even close. The problem is that GMATPREP mocks are only 6 in number. Hence a student must take the GMATPREP mocks very wisely and must not waste them. I will recommend taking the mocks only when a student has completed and revised the whole GMAT syllabus. GMAT mock tests must be fairly spaced: do not take mocks daily. Once you have completed your GMAT syllabus, take one mock every 3 days. After taking a mock, analyse it thoroughly: spend at least 5 to 10 hours analysing every mock.  Also do not take more than 3 GMATPREP mocks before your first GMAT attempt. You must save 3 GMATPREP mocks for your second attempt: if the need arises.

Parveen Chaudhary

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