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Parveen Chaudhary GMAT tutors in Mumbai/GMAT verbal tutors in Mumbai

For my GMAT students from Mumbai, I take one on one GMAT online classes via skype: both GMAT Verbal and GMAT Quant. While I know that there are several GMAT Quant tutors and several GMAT Verbal tutors in Mumbai, not many have taken the GMAT. I, on the other hand, have taken the real GMAT 5 times and my average GMAT score of the 5 attempts is 732. For more than 100 success stories and to get a reality check, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. A student may also visit the home page of my website to know more about me

Apparently GMAT is an easy exam, but actually it is not. The Indian average GMAT score is less than 580, and I have already written a blog on the Indian average GMAT score. Not many GMAT teachers in Mumbai will paint the true picture in front of the students. The result is that GMAT students underestimate the exam and get a low score.

I know that many GMAT tutors in Mumbai claim that they have taken the real GMAT and gotten fancy scores like 770 and 780. All are advertisements to fool students. Such teachers have never themselves crossed 700. Every time a student takes the GMAT exam, an official GMAT web link is mailed to the student; a student can see his official GMAT score card by going to this web link and entering his date of birth. This web link is valid for 5 years. I bet that no GMAT tutor in Mumbai can show you his score card by using this web link. All of them have made fake PDF mark sheets to fool and entice students. Unfortunately, the same is the story here in Delhi. I have already given the GMAT web link of my student Anupriya on the home page of my website so that students can understand what I mean.

Some low scoring students believe that they have exhausted all the material, that they know all the concepts tested, and that nobody can teach them any further. Such students are sadly mistaken. Students who come to me are shocked after the very first class. They find a huge difference between what they have studied themselves and what they have been taught by me: not only with respect to the content but also with respect to the details.


Some students believe that it is a matter of a month or two, to get above 700 on the GMAT. Sadly they are mistaken. It takes sustained preparation of months to score above 700. Please read my blog 3 GMAT Myths. If you are looking for some shortcut, than you are on the wrong website; please leave the website immediately. Only students who are serious and who can devote at least 3 months to GMAT should approach me.