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3 GMAT Myths

Myth1: I think getting a 700 on the GMAT is not tough. Everybody around me is getting a 700 or more. The internet is flooded with stories of 700+ GMAT scores. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is getting a 700+.

Eye Opener 1: Getting a 700+ on the real GMAT is pretty tough and requires a lot of effort and time. For your information let me tell you that the Indian Average GMAT score is less than 580.

Myth 2: 3 to 4 months of preparation, 2 to 3 hours a day, is adequate to score well on the GMAT. I know so many students who studied even less and managed a really handsome score. Why do I require more time?

Eye Opener 2: This is what a general student thinks, and what he scores on the real GMAT is anybody’s guess. We need to understand that the GMAT is a tough exam and requires sustained preparation for many months. The earlier you realize this, the better it is.

Myth 3: My mocks are showing 700+; I must take the real GMAT now. I am sure I will score above 700. I have been taking regular mocks over the months, and I have seen my score rise in the mocks. It is time to go and nail the real GMAT.

Eye Opener 3: Mocks are an indicator of your performance, but many a times not a true indicator. Many students come to me claiming that they were getting a 700+ on the mocks, but on the real GMAT they scored below 600. Sometimes when we take mocks repeatedly, we see inflated scores in the mocks.