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5 resolutions of a GMAT student in 2018

Jan 4, 2018 | Blog

1) I will study regularly. Number of hours studied may be less important, but daily studying is.

2) I will study both the subjects (quant and verbal) simultaneously. I cannot study one at the expense of other. I will be in touch with both the subjects on a regular basis.

3) I will not try to finish all the GMAT questions that I come across. Quality wins over quantity in this exam.

4) Though in quant I can to do third party questions, I will stick to only real GMAT questions in verbal.

5) The GMAT Official Guide questions are not for practicing; they are there for learning. Each question is a case study in itself. I will spend sufficient time in reading the explanation of each GMAT Verbal question in the Official Guide. I will make my own notes wherever necessary after reading the explanations.

Parveen Chaudhary

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