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I understand that the best doctor in town is not the one who has topped his MBBS exam. Similarly, a very good GMAT score does not make a person a very good GMAT tutor. A good GMAT tutor must have excellent teaching skills. He should be able to understand and work on students’ weaknesses: guide the student through the tougher topics with ease and be able to explain difficult concepts in a lucid manner. My students find in me not only a good GMAT test taker but more importantly a very good GMAT tutor.

I started my GMAT journey in 2008. I have taken the GMAT 5 times. My scores have been 740 [2008], 750 [2009], 740 [2010], 720 [2011] and 710 [2012]. While my average GMAT score of the 5 attemptsis 732, my highest GMAT score is 750. I teach both GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal.